Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The ChocoVine Experience

Ok, so yesterday while out enjoying some free time, and by free time I mean I am finally learning to enjoy my unemployment while I can, because I know I have to go back to work eventually. I wandered into my favorite Wine Styles, only to find that my favorite cheap wine, Tiz Red, is no longer being stocked in that location. BUMMER!! So I did what any other semi-wine enthusiast does in that situation....FIND ANOTHER FAVORITE, or get drunk trying.

I stumbled across a new wine called ChocoVine, which is a mix of fine red wine and chocolate. ChocoVine is a product of Holland and after living there for 3 years when I was just a pre-teen, I decided it was somehow my duty to try the wine. There was a cute picture of tulips and a windmill after all, that reminded me of Holland. 

Not knowing exactly what to expect but deep down kind of expecting it to be like a chocolate liqueur, I chilled it as advised, twisted off the handy cap, and poured a small amount in my glass. At first, yes, just another chocolatey tasting liqueur. Then I read the bottle, which told me to shake first (SHAKE WINE)???? So being the direction follower I am, I drank what was in my glass and jumped up and down.... Not sure what the purpose of that was. LOL

After shaking the wine in the bottle and pouring the second glass, I still think it tastes like a chocolatey liqueur. There is no shame in that game, but honestly, it isn't the way to enjoy wine if that is what you are really after. Next time, I may just sit down with a big hunk of cheese and some chocolate covered strawberries with my wine. Seriously I don't think I would spend the $17.00 on that again, but I can tell you what I will have in my coffee tomorrow. :-)

So for all those inquiring minds, there ya have it.

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